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Makeup Workshops

  • Bridal Makeup
  • Smokey Eye
  • Mature & Natural Makeup
  • Bare Beauty

Upstyle Workshops

  • Bridal Hair
  • Vintage Waves & Classic Looks
  • Curly Creations, Barrel Curls & Braids
  • Perfecting the Art of Blow-Drying

Teenage Workshops

  • Skin care
  • Right colours for your complexion
  • Hair styling tools
  • Interview tips

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Effortless, Enticing Eye Makeup: The Easy Way

Today in the year 2015, it is pretty rare to find a woman that doesn't wear some sort of makeup. Whether she just uses some light concealer on her problem areas or prefers full coverage in order to look picture perfect at all times, at some point in her life there's a...

How To Do Natural Makeup

Learning how to do natural makeup is an art form. The goal should always be to make it look as though you are wearing no makeup at all. It is simply to draw attention to all of your best features. This means that you are not going to use a lot of outrageous colors. It...

The Best Eye Makeup For Blue Eyes

The Best Eye Makeup For Blue Eyes

When you have blue eyes, it’s important to know about the best eye makeup to apply. There are various options and you want to choose colors that allow your eyes to shine. You will want the color to pop and there are techniques that can intensify the color of the blue....

How To Put In Hair Rollers

Do you want to transform straight, limp hair into waves and curls with loads of volume? Great! Are you sure you are using hair rollers correctly and to the best of their ability? If dubious, here’s a quick crash course in putting in hair rollers correctly.  Wash and...

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